I was born and raised in a very beautiful place in Turkey.  The name of this beautiful city is Bursa. It is a city in the northwest of Turkey in the Marmara region, very close to Istanbul. Its soil, air, water, everything is so beautiful that hundreds of local and foreign tourists visit Bursa every

  • Es riecht nach Mittwoch!

    Es riecht nach Mittwoch!0

    Nehmen wir mal an, jemand hätte in der Frühzeit der Menschheit angefangen, die Tage zu zählen.

  • The Schwammerl Man

    The Schwammerl Man0

    Everyone does it the way they were taught!

  • Der Hype um künstliche Intelligenz

    Der Hype um künstliche Intelligenz0

    Skype schlug mir heute morgen vor, mir was mit KI zu erstellen.



    I really love to eat. I never eat to be full. I eat for taste and pleasure. The presentation of the food is as important to me as the taste. I also love to cook. My friends love my food very much. I love to try world cuisine. But Turkish cuisine has a very special

  • A storyteller par excellence

    A storyteller par excellence0

    Long stories, short stories, thick and thin stories. Stories with cats, mice or with fox and goose.